unum unified parameters languages

What is a UNIFIED PARAMETER LANGUAGE and why is it important?

Using of unified data provides fast and clear communication between devices, cloud services, as well as development staff, technical support, integrators and end customers

All parts of UNUM platform use Unified data, thanks to which we can speed up and simplify the process of developing our own compatible IIoT devices and analytical software, adapt it to the needs of the customer, as well as integrate devices from other manufacturers.

The unified standard includes:
  - parameter name
  - measurements range
  - measurement step
  - units


Noticeably more parameters monitored.

Quick loading of dashboards and reports.

Accumulation and comparative analysis of machinery operation and analytical reports. Big date analysis for machine learning algorithms.

Easy configuration and operation of the software, support and training of users.

Higher reliability.

Fast and modular development to solve a wide variety of tasks.

unum unification data technology