IoT Burger Technology   S6 Technology  S7 Technology


Cloud load reduction

Accurate and reliable data based on parameter unification

Possibility of group analytics and comparison of group of assets operations.

The ability to solve complex tasks using onboard equipment.

Fast and high-quality development of new on-board equipment based on functional modules.

IoT Burger & Edge computing Technology

IoT Burger Technology
IoT Burger™ is a complete Ecosystem for the development of Edge computing products.

IoT Burger™ is a technology for smart products development, leveraging fog / edge computing possibilities into industrial and automotive areas. It is based on industrial-grade hardware and real-time embedded software. Today, there is a ready-to-use library of hardware & software functional modules, desktop configuration software, mobile applications for data monitoring and remote configuration, set of manufacturing and engineering standards for a new reliable product development.

Edge-computing technology allows:

Reduce the load on communication channels

Use less computing power for further data processing

Receive instant alerts via sms and email

Ensure stable operation of IIoT devices in the absence of communication channels.

Receive data in a unified form for further use by Cloud software and machine learning algorithms.

S6 Technology

S6 Technology
S6 is a CAN (SAE J1939) based interface that allows to create a network of intelligent sensors on board a single vehicle or stationary object.

In vehicle telematics, CAN j1939/S6 is used for data collection from standard and additional equipment of vehicle, along with data gathering from one or several automotive CAN buses and its integration into vehicle telematics system.

Architecture of CAN j1939/S6 telematics interface is based on idea of single cabling system, physical interfaces and protocols: physical interface CAN 2.0B is used for data transfer between on-board units, data transfer sequence is defined by Data Link Layer in accordance with the requirements of SAE J1939/21 standard, parameters, structure and content of transferred data is defined by Vehicle Application Layer per SAE J1939/71 and S6 Databaseparameters, structure and content of transferred data is defined by Vehicle Application Layer per SAE J1939/71 and S6 Database

S6 Technology by UNUM IIoT Platform

Combining standard and additional vehicle equipment into single network

S7 Technology

S6 Technology
S7 — Technology of wireless data gathering from autonomous sensors within industrial and automotive telematics.

S7 Technology for wireless data collection employs Bluetooth 4.X Low Energy (BLE) standard as a communication channel for data transfer. S7 Technology ensures very low power consumption and long autonomous lifetime of smart sensors and IoT devices.

S7 Technology is used in vehicle telematics (vehicle tracking) and stationary object monitoring systems. Parameters and Events measured with autonomous sensors are sent to terminal unit (telamatics unit/tracker), smartphone, tablet, display and other S7-compatible devices.

S6 Technology by UNUM IIoT Platform